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    The Rolling Stones— “No Security”


I am a director, producer, sound designer, musician and songwriter. I’ve been lucky to work with dozens of great, talented people on hundreds of projects for films, commercials, and corporate communications. Shall I name a few clients? OK. Anheuser-Busch, Cisco Systems, Gap Inc, The Rolling Stones, Bristol-Myers Squibb,  and many more. I love my work, and I’m always happy to have more. I often go to pitches along with my clients to play a piece customized for the pitch and […]

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Video Production

Would you care to see a few examples of my video production work? Certainly. The link is below. However, due to the proprietary nature of my client’s content, you will have to contact me for special password permission to view these videos. Please email me by filling out the contact form, or contact me directly if you already have my information. Thanks. Carl Rusk Video Productions


Record Recorders

Record Recorders is a mix of classic and modern technologies. The audio chain is mainly vacuum tube based analog electronics made in the early 1960’s. Some solid state electronics are used as well. Computers are used for video post production, sound design, and audio editing and layering. That’s the way I roll.



Listen to Raspberry Way From Carl Rusk’s “Blue Period” album. “I would like to call attention to the Nashville Ramblers’ “The Trains”, one of the most unspeakably gorgeous instances of romantic yearning disguised as a pop song.”    —Steven Van Zandt Host of Little Steven’s Underground Garage  on Sirius Radio “The sounds are all amazing and inventive and the songs are great. Catchy pop songs a la Big Star or The Beatles but with a “little brother – get out of […]