• “Waves” Launch

  • “MS” Launch

  • “Hemophilia” Launch

  • The Rolling Stones— “No Security”


I’ve been fortunate to work with great, talented people on hundreds of projects for films, commercials, and live events. Shall I name a few clients? OK. Lexus, Anheuser-Busch, The Body Shop, Gap Inc, The Rolling Stones and many more. I love my work, and I’m always happy to have more. Sound is important to me, and is a part of my creative process, even when it is not the focus of the actual project. Much of my audio design work is […]

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Would you care to see a few examples of my direction work?

Record Recorders

Record Recorders is a mix of classic and modern technologies.


Listen to Raspberry Way From Carl Rusk’s “Blue Period” album.