The Rolling Stones— “No Security”

This was the opening video for the Rolling Stones’ “No Security” Tour. I was hired to create the sound for this video, which opened every performance. The talented Andy Lilien was the DP.  In addition to manipulating a segment of the title track of the musical body of the piece, I also reversed Mick’s voice and added “Day In The Life” style string section crescendo, which caused me some self-imposed grief. Every evening, after I was done with that day’s revision, I would deliver a CD of the audio to Mick’s hotel room, and every morning I would worry that I was going to hear that Mick thought it was too “Beatley”. Not surprisingly, that concern was never expressed, and I never got any feedback at all, except that he liked it.  I guess I was thinking as if it were 1968, and everyone else would also be paying close attention to those sort of details. Oh well.

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