“Hemophilia” Launch

This is an edit from a multichannel surround sound opener from a recent drug launch. I have included it here mainly as an example of some subtle sound design, and of how original music can be added to stock music library material to get a piece to where it needs to go quickly, without spending money on original music.

In this piece, the client requested that a long title-based introduction be added to the video late in the production process, after the music and video had already been synchronized. We were able to quickly create a “Gravity” like choral effect using infinite reverb derived from the music already in the piece to build tension at the head and lead us into what had already been created without having to rework the entire video. This clip has been heavily edited to remove any reference to the actual drug company or the drug being launched. As such, it no longer makes a whole lot of sense. But you get the idea.

This is a stereo fold-down from the original 6-channel surround file. It was created to cinema standards (-20dbfs=85db/-31LKFS) and then limited and brought up to broadcast levels for the purpose of listening at home on small speakers. It’s interesting how much less impact and emotion are conveyed when the dynamic, loud sections are limited this way. It’s really too bad to have to do this. Necessary for web distribution in today’s cell phone playback era, but a shame nonetheless. The full dynamic multichannel audio rocked.

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