I’ve been fortunate to work with great, talented people on hundreds of projects for films, commercials, and live events. Shall I name a few clients? OK. Lexus, Anheuser-Busch, The Body Shop, Gap Inc, The Rolling Stones and many more. I love my work, and I’m always happy to have more.

Sound is important to me, and is a part of my creative process, even when it is not the focus of the actual project. Much of my audio design work is in multichannel surround. Along the way I began experimenting with binaural and head-tracking 360° sound, and became somewhat of a specialist in virtual audio. I have been involved in many binaural projects, including creating a virtual reality project for Lexus USA/Japan and creating a self-guided, outdoor binaural audio tour of the historic West Point Foundry Preserve in Cold Spring, New York.

I also write and perform music on my own and with my group, The Nashville Ramblers, who are currently celebrating our 27th anniversary together. Would you like to hear a song? Here you go: Carl Rusk— Music