“Waves” Launch

This is an excerpt from a 6-channel surround sound opener for a recent drug launch. The theme of the meeting was “Amplify”, and for this reason sound was chosen as a metaphor to illustrate the different ways that people can be effected and moved to action an increase of energy. Due to protected nature of my client’s business, special permission is needed to view this work. Please contact me for further information. This is a stereo fold-down from the original […]

“MS” Launch

Directing actors is some of my favorite work to do. This is an excerpt from a 5.1 surround sound show opener that portrays the experience and emotions of a young family when the mother is diagnosed with MS. I believe that it delivered its objective of helping the audience to emotionally identify with their patients, and opened the attendees to the information that followed. I don’t think that a different kind of video— full of facts, messaging and fast-paced graphics, […]

“Hemophilia” Launch

This is an edit from a multichannel surround sound opener from a recent drug launch. I have included it here mainly as an example of some subtle sound design, and of how original music can be added to stock music library material to get a piece to where it needs to go quickly, without spending money on original music. In this piece, the client requested that a long title-based introduction be added to the video late in the production process, […]