Listen to Raspberry Way From Carl Rusk’s “Blue Period” album.

      1. Carl Rusk- Raspberry Way - Carl Rusk

“The sounds are all amazing and inventive and the songs are great. Catchy pop songs a la Big Star or The Beatles but with a “little brother – get out of my room!” kinda vibe… I swear I don’t like it just ’cause it’s rare!”                    —Dan Auerbach,
The Black Keys

With the formation of the Ramblers Carl really began to hit his stride as a songwriter, as demonstrated by songs like” The Trains”, which to me is a modern day classic. Their live shows are always fantastic. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them do a bad show. They were one of the few bands from the ’60s scene that could’ve actually broken out and found real commercial success. Instead, they stayed within the scene, and for that reason they remain a well-kept secret. —Mike Stax
Editor, Ugly Things Magazine

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